HUNTING CAMP OR RENTAL PROPERTY- 131 N. 5th Street, Aurora, MC  27806
This home is conveniently located near Hwy 33, gas and convenience stores.
It is across the street from the Family Dollar Store and just down the street from  
the restaurants and hardware stores. There is a very nice boat ramp about three
blocks from this property. Duck hunters check this one out, only 13 miles to Goose 
Creek Island and its' renowned duck hunting.  Deer and bear hunting is also good
in this area. $35,000.00
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Blounts Creek, NC
This home is in Beaufort county on the southside of the Pamlico river in the unique little
waterfront community of Core Point and across the river from historic Bath. Imagine
sitting on your wrap around porch having a cup of coffee watching a gorgeous sunrise
over the river or swinging under the magnificent old oak in the backyard.  This
home is move in ready and has had recent upgrades to the kitchen including a new French
door, new countertops and backsplash, built in microwave oven over the gas range, a
porcelain sink, faucets and dishwasher. You will love the high ceilings in the living room
and the exquisite stairway to the second floor.  $199,000.00
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108 Paradox Point Drive, Aurora,NC
This property includes 3.76 acres and an 1800' home on the waterfront. Duck hunters
would love this property, it is located 4 miles from Goose Creek Island, a duck hunter's
paradise where there are many duck impoundments and the Intercoastal Waterway
and a wildlife boat ramp is 1 mile from here.  There is 1800' of closed space under the
living area for all your boats and hunting gear with two 10' rollup  doors for large boats
and a smaller rollup door on the front side for kayaks, lawn mowers, etc.  The living
area is 16' above sea level, so always high and dry. Also, there is a very unique attic
with storage bins and bookshelves with plenty of work space for your inside hobbies.
This is the same property as above with 3.76 acres not 27 acres.
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WATERFRONT HOME - This home is located on the banks of the deep waters of
Campbell creek and only 2.5 miles by boat to the Intercoastal Waterway, the
perfect location for those of us that love water sports of fishing, kayaking and
sailing.  You can enjoy it all from your 160' concrete pier and boat dock.  The
boat ramp for kayaks and small sailboats is just a few feet from the 3000' 
basement of your home with its boat storage and an additional 6' door.  Nature
lovers will love this property as wildlife flourishes around you.  This large well
built home will make "family time" so enjoyable and with four large bedrooms,
you will have plenty of room for everyone and the four bathrooms makes things
so convenient.  There are granite countertops, reclaimed pine and bamboo
flooring, geo thermal heating and cooling and tiled baths, many amenities.
$445,000.00 reduced to $425,000.00
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Chocowinity, NC  27817
This charming home is located in Bay Hills, a waterfront community near
Cypress Landing.  The home has been remodeled and is located across the
street from the Pamlico river, just perfect for the retiree with a limited
budget that is trying to get away from high taxes and city stress.  It is
only 15 minutes to shopping and medical facilities.  If you are still working
and need an affordable home for you and your family, this is one of the
least expensive homes in the area. It is on a very quiet street with no through
traffic.  Maybe if you are just looking for a private get-away or investment
property, you will be interested in checking it out.  $119,000.00 
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Poplar Drive, Blounts Creek, NC  27814
This home with a fireplace is located in a waterfront community on the gorgeous
Pamlico River.  This home is located on 3 lots and has a fenced in yard with a
large garage with 2 boat sheds.  There is a large screened back porch which is
just the perfect spot to relax and enjoy your morning coffee or drinks after a
fun day on the water, it is underpinned with block. The community 
recreational area has boat ramps, a picnic and swimming area and a nice
bathhouse.  $99,000.00 reduced to $89,900.00
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