PRIME COMMERCIAL PROPERTY - 11172 NC Hwy 55, Grantsboro, NC
This is the best location for commercial property in Pamlico county.
It is directly across the highway from Walmart in Grantsboro, NC in
a very high traffic area.  Fronting almost 750' on NC Hwy 55 will give
you high visibility coming from either direction.  With almost 4.5 acres,
you will have plenty of room for a Fast Food Restaurant, Auto Supply
Store, Office Space, Small Retail Shopping Mall or any other commercial
ideas.  The mobile office on the property can be purchased separately.
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9.9 ACRE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY - NC Hwy 33, Edward, NC  27821
This land is located at a 6 way intersection and is offered at an affordable
price. This property is 6 miles west of Aurora, the perfect location for a
convenience store/gas station or maybe a fast food restaurant or another
business requiring a high traffic location. PCS phosphate plant traffic travels
this road daily, is 25 minutes from Washington and 15 minutes to the phosphate
plant. There is a need for a nice convenience store in this area.  $299,000.00 reduced
to $99,900.00
Tunstall, intersection Edward 8Tunstall,intersection Edward 5

Tunstall, intersection Edward 10Tunstall, intersection Edward 18

Tunstall, intersection Edward 29Tunstall, intersection Edward 24

This property is located across the street from the new, soon to be opened, Family Dollar Store.   
This would be the perfect location for a small business now or in the future.  It is near a busy
Intersection and just around the corner from the post office and the bank, very affordable
Investment property.  $25,900.00 reduced to $15,900.00
Paul Jones,Grace Bonner 012 (Medium)Paul Jones,Grace Bonner 010 (Medium)

Paul Jones,Grace Bonner 017 (Medium)Paul Jones,Grace Bonner 014 (Medium)